What is NEC Code 230.46?

Effective January 1st 2023, this updated code requires that connectors used for splicing or tapping service conductors on line side of service equipment be UL-Listed with an additional marking for this installation. Connectors marked “Suitable for Line Side of Service” have also been tested to meet ANSI C119.4, C119.5 or C119.6 as applicable.

This requirement ensures that connectors used on line side of service equipment (where electrical service enters the building) are safe and reliable. Connectors that are not UL Listed have not been tested to the UL safety requirement and may not perform as expected.

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Why does this matter?

For electricians, using UL-Listed connectors in these applications keeps their installations compliant, functional and safe. For distributors, stocking products with this rating helps meet the needs of their customers.

Since this is a new code, distributors can offer resources and education to their customers to show why these code-compliant products are the superior choice.

Polaris has stayed on the forefront of these developments and lead the way in testing our line, and today we offer the widest selection of approved connectors on the market. We manufacture an extensive line of tested, proven, UL-Listed Pre-Insulated connectors which meet the NEC 230.46 requirement, all with appropriate markings.

Our certified connectors range from 2 to 14 ports, in sizes from 4 AWG up to 750 KCMIL, representing a larger range than any competitor. When you want full coverage, think Polaris.

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